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New Residential
Flat Roof

We work for Residential Flat Roofs too. If you're extending your house or building house from the scratch. KAM Roofing team can help you build a strong, sturdy & durable flat roof with leak proof insulating. Get your no-obligation quote for FREE now.


New Commercial
Flat Roof

Planning to build a flat roof for your commercial property? You're at the right place. It doesn't matter if you're an individual or a business or may be a real estate contractor. We've special plans for everyone's need. We keep it simple & transparent. You get to know every single material we're using. You get to understand the end-to-end process & once we receive the approval, we kick off the work. So, let's discuss your project today!


Replace A Flat Roof

Want to extend the lifespan of your flat roof? Or may be, you're looking for a solutioon to replace your shingle roof with a flat one. We're here to help with all kind of needs. Replace or extend your flat roof with expert roofing contractors & builders. Get a Free, No Obligation Quote today!


Flat Roof Repairing

You don't want to hold your day-to-day activities & operations just because your roof is leaking or needed a repair immediately, do you? Arrange a maintanence repair with us in advance. We keep it simple, our experts provide you a free inspection & suggest you repair work only where it's really needed. The contract starts only if you approve the repair quote after the roof health inspection by KAM Roofing Team.


Insulate A Flat Roof

Insulating your roof can save you a lot of money every year. After your flat roof insulation by KAM Roofing, you no longer need those extra air conditioning or heating during summers & winters. Insulating your roof helps you save on energy while running the building. Let's discuss your complimentary quote on this.


Flat Roof Health Check

How many times do you check your front yard, back yard & inner walls for maintanence? Almost daily or weekly may be. Because, you're observing those places frequently. So, why not your roof? In fact, that's the part of the building that's frequently in contact with harsh weather conditions. Let's arrange a complimentary Roof Health Check / Inspection for your Flat Roof.


Flat Roof Maintenance

Whether you're seeing small cracks on the surface, facing a leakage problem or encountered mold on the corners of your flat roof, We're right here to help. We help you figure out the right maintanence work within your budget. Talk to our Flat Roofing Specialists & get a Free, non-committal quote for your flat roof repair work today.


Flat Roof Leak Check

Protecting a flat roof from water is highly important. When a flat roof gets old, small cracks soaks the rain water inside, causing more problems like water dripping & leakage. Ignoring this may cause bigger accidents. Arrange a flat roof leak check today & save your flat roof from any further damage.


Add Green Flat Roof

Your flat roof can be much more than a functional space. You can bring it to life as a Green Roof - with its own grass, plants and shrubs growing over the waterproof layer. It’s easy to see why Green Roofs have become so popular. They’re a great way to expand your garden, with green space on a raised level. And if your roof is in a town or city centre, they’re a small private escape from the pressures of modern life. They’re also good for the environment, and encourage wildlife back into your garden. And better still, they act as a natural insulator. So heat won’t escape from the space below – as you’ll see from your low fuel bills

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    Carla Schultz
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    My first phone call to KAM Roofing was me in a panic because I needed to get 3 quotes, on a Saturday, to get our roof replaced, we are selling our house and time was of the essence. I made 10 phone calls, 2 other companies gave me quotes via email but owner actually took the time out of his day and rushed over to give us a quote and then again the following week to give us another quote on a siding job that we needed to get done. Communication was always great and was a pleasure to work with along with his crew who was quick and did a great job cleaning up after the job. I highly recommend KAM Roofing for all your roofing/siding needs!!
    David Simmons
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    Wow! Very professional, affordable and fast would definitely hire again.
    Diana Scavo
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    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, lucI would recommend Omar to anyone that needs siding repair. I called for an estimate and he was quick to come out the next day and was able to fix our minor repairs on the spot! We had some holes and cracks in our vinyl siding caused from a truck pulling the internet cable off our house. Instead of giving an over the top estimate, he found a reasonable repair solution. His work ethic and attention to detail are #1! I commend him on his knowledge from years of experience. He is definitely all about making his customers happy.tus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.
    Guthrie Gaylord
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    I had a fairly small exterior siding project and I had called 4 other companies before I found KAM Roofing Services. Two wouldn't even give me an estimate because they claimed they were too busy. The other two estimates were extremely high for a smaller project. Fortunately I came across KAM Roofing Services. When I called for an estimate the team showed up quickly, explained in detail what needed to be done and gave me a fair estimate. The project was completed on time and with high quality. Next time KAM Team will be the first call I make.

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